How to Translate

Below you will find two sets of training videos. The first shows how to translate while on the Internet using However for those who are unable to translate while on the Internet the second option explains how to download the file and translate it offline in a Text Editor.  However if you feel more comfortable with another technical way of going about translating, then feel free to use that as well. The following methods are not mandatory to use, but are hope is that they will be helpful.

Option #1 Translating Online via Amara

Please watch the following tutorial on how to translate on Amara.

Option #2 Translating Online via YouTube

Coming soon.

Option #3 Translating Offline

In the following tutorial you will learn how to translate the file while offline, simply using a text editor.

Frequently Asked Questions

I do not see my language on the video spreadsheet.
This is because no one has yet to translate into that specific language. We will be in the process of updating the spreadsheet within the next day.

Is there a language coordinator for my language?
Depending on the language you are translating there may or may not be a language coordinator. This is the person who does the final proof before everything is put up.  If you’ve been given a coordinator then you can directly email your completed files/links to them to proof rather than going about submitting that information through this web site.

What happens when someone creates a ticket in Producteev and forgets to assign it?
One of two things: 1) The person who created the ticket will at some point realize it is not getting dealt with and remember to assign it. 2) Or someone will be browsing the current tickets and take notice of it and assign it to themselves.

Closing thoughts

Some brief things to consider when translating
Convey the meaning of what the speaker is saying, do not do literal word for word translation.
Make sure the viewer has enough time to read the subtitle, if not then maybe your translation is too long and needs to be shortened.

Are you a translator and have learned some helpful tips? To help others please submit them on the Contact Us page.

Also, it is advised to Subscribe for updates, you will find this in the bottom right hand corner of the site.

Also, be certain you’ve seen the video explaining how to create tickets.
Training is complete!

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