What is this page?  This is simply a page that contains some tools that are used in the process of translating. For most there will be nothing of use on this page.

Description of Tools

Strip Time-codes will remove all of the time-code elements and any breaks in the document and create a full body of text. If the document has (P) tags in it then this will create an indent for a paragraph.

Fix Time-code Overlaps will scan through the file to see if there are any points where a hide time-code overlaps with a show time-code. If there are places that that happens then the script will replace the show time on that is overlapping with the previous hide time and put that hide time as the show time so that both time-codes will be matching. This script is helpful for those who hardcode captions to videos because if there are any overlaps it will stack the text on top of each-other on the viewers screen.

Convert to .SRT will take a .SBV, a YouTube formatted caption and convert it to Subtitle workshop so that you can edit the file in there or take the .SRT and hardcode it to a video.

Use Time Code Tools

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