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Our great desire is to publish translated material onto the Internet in the hopes that it will lead to the salvation of the lost, and the strengthening of those who are already saved.
31 New SRT’s Ready for Translation

31 New SRT’s Ready for Translation

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When You Think of Grace Do You Think of Power? – Tim Conway 13
Put First Things First – John Sytsma 4
Has God Called You to the Ministry – Tim Conway 5
Do You Bear Fruit – Paul Washer 65
I Dont Feel Like God is Saying Anything to Me – Bob Jennings 7
Are You Too Proud to Receive Help – Clint Leiter 2
Christ Replaces Moses as a Lawgiver – Charles Leiter 12
Evangelize Trusting in Gods Word Not Your Arguments – Jeff Peterson 9
Am I Condemned If Im Rude to My Wife – Charles Leiter 4
Hearing of Christ Makes a Man Want to Repent – Tim Conway 3
Old Man is Sinning Not the New Creation – Tim Conway 30
Afraid I Committed The Unpardonable Sin – Tim Conway 68
Grieving and Sending with a Gospel Heart – Ryan Fullerton 50
The Carnal Christian Reconsidered – Ryan Fullerton 68
The Convicting Power of Grace – Ryan Fullerton 64
Singleness Part 4 – Ryan Fullerton 75
Question Answers on Singleness Part 5 – Ryan Fullerton 30
The Just Shall Live by Faith – Mike Morrow 56
Encouragement To Endure to the End – Jesse Barrington 40
Christians Debt The Wicked Borrow but Do Not Pay Back – Tim Conway 20
Why Do I Keep Missing God’s Will? – Tim Conway 28
The Presence of God or Mysticism – Tim Conway 88
The Christians Citizenship – Tim Conway 62
What Does It Mean to Walk by Faith – Tim Conway 27
The Self Reflections of an Inspired Man of God – Tim Conway 70
Do We Strive or Believe – Tim Conway 27
Practical Advice on Overcoming Anger – Tim Conway 33
No Longer Strangers – Tim Conway 46
Old School Giving Not Robbing God – Tim Conway 63
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8 More Videos Reading for Translation (6 are Excerpts)

8 More Videos Reading for Translation (6 are Excerpts)

Jesus Christ is Everything – Multiple Speakers 2
At What Point Should You Leave a Church? – Phil Johnson 3
Christ Wants Our Reaffirmation – Tim Conway 3
God Being as Real in Your Life as He Should Be – Charles Leiter 4
What Would Jesus Do? – Tim Conway 9
Ten Characteristics of How Jesus Prayed – Nathan Rages 54
Believer: It is Not All About What Not to Do – Tim Conway 5
The Necessity of Daily Praying and Reading the Bible – Tim Conway 74
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Update: 60 Videos Have Subtitles Ready for Translation

Update: 60 Videos Have Subtitles Ready for Translation

Due to the efforts of those transcribing, we now have the following 60 videos ready for translation.

To view the official spreadsheet go here, to submit a work in progress ticket go here.

How to View the Flaws of the Reformers – Phil Johnson 9mins ▼ SRT
How to Respond When Misjudged and Reviled – Phil Johnson 4
Look at Your Day Through a Gospel Lens – Don Currin 6
Anxiety is a Waste of Time – Mack Tomlinson 2
The Essential Need for Bible Meditation – Jesse B. 61
Lord Teach Us to Pray – Philip N. 8
Satan’s Plan to Distract the Christian – Don Currin 5
Do Not Just Listen but Meditate – Jesse B. 1
The Holy Spirit Will Make You Holy – Tim Conway 1
God’s Way is Perfect – Mason Vann 24
Five Common Responses of Those Whom God Uses – Charles Leiter 23
I Threw Myself on Jesus’s Mercy and Nothing Happened – APT 34
Believer, What Happens When you Sin? – Mike Morrow 2
Parents, Train Your Children at Home – Tim Conway 4
Christ the True Vine – Jesse B. 41
Always Trusting in the Lord – Nathan Rages 21
The Barrenness of Busyness – Don Currin 50
Overview of Biblical Eldership: All Elders are Pastors – Tim Conway 76
The Beauty of the Gospel – Jesse B. 5
Meditation is More Than Bible Reading – Jesse B. 4
Contentment is Found in Christ Alone – Jesse B. 42
Content? Or Everything OK If ____? – Jesse B. 4
Surrendering to His Love – Tim Conway 55
Useful to the Lord in Winning Souls – Bob Jennings 6
Man’s Fundamental Need is Peace – Tim Conway 51
Personal Discipleship: Spiritually Intentional Relationships – Chuck Vuolo 46
Uzziah’s Pride: From Famous King to Excluded Leper – James Jennings 56
Should a Church Leader Confess Gross Sin? – Tim Conway 22
What Does It Mean to be a Saint? – Tim Conway 7
Is There a Cultural Key to Evangelism – John Dees 5
If You’re Single God Has Not Forgotten You – Tim Conway 10
If You Could Live Again What Would You Change? – Bob & Tim 13
The Motivating Power of Christ’s Love – Tim Conway 48
I’m Lost and I Have Little Time to live – APT 27
Manly Emotions (Part 1) – Emotions: Their Origination, Disruption and Restoration 41
Manly Emotions (Part 2) – The Emotional Life of Jesus: An Overview 58
Manly Emotions (Part 3) – The Compassion and Sorrow of Jesus 40
Manly Emotions (Part 4) – The Anger and Joy of Jesus 56
What is Experiential Christianity 11
Eight Keys to Boldness in Evangelism – Chuck Vuolo 52
Encouraging Conversation at the Church Meetings 4
From Fear to Faith in the Face of Christ – Mack Tomlinson 45
Amazing Access to the Father – Tim Conway 47
The Two Thieves at the Cross – Jesse Barrington 57
Gospel Driven Assurance – Don Currin 40
The Christian Pilgrimage – Mack Tomlinson 46
The Good Shepherd – Nate Pickowicz 32
Seated With Christ in The Heavenly Places Part 3 – Tim Conway 66
What Are Appropriate Acts of Worship – Ask Pastor Tim 17
How Can We Be Joyful When Our Loved Ones Are Lost – Ask Pastor Tim 11
Our Marriage to Christ is Most Important – Tim Conway 14
Christ Breaks Down Every Ethnic Barrier – Tim Conway 67
Should Christians Exercise and Workout – Ask Pastor Tim 24
Prayerfully Pursuing Gods Gracious Power and Loving Presence – Ryan Fullerton 52
What Have You Done Lord (Song) – Bob Jennings 7
How Do You Kill Sin – Jesse, Nate, Don, Mack 14
What Does It Mean to Seek Christ? – APT 20
The Remedy for Weariness in the Christian Life (Part 1) – Tim Conway 61
Church Membership is Not a Numbers Game – Tim Conway 3
Secure in the Love of God – Charles Leiter 3
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Two New SRT’s for Translation: Lazying Praying / Horrors of Hell

Two New SRT’s for Translation: Lazying Praying / Horrors of Hell


A Warning Against Lazy Praying – Tim Conway 72
The Horrors of Hell Should Motivate us to Evangelize – Chuck Vuolo 2
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Ten New SRT’s Ready for Translation

Ten New SRT’s Ready for Translation


The False Cistern of A Choreographed Church Service – Paul Washer 2
Surrendering to Christ is Not Drudgery – Tim Conway 6
What Mindset Promotes Unity in the Local Church – Mack Tomlinson 4
Glory in Christs Work on The Cross – Mike Morrow 6
Gaze Upon Christ Not the Law – Tim Conway 10
The Law of Christ Freedom From The Law – Part 2 – Charles Leiter 64
Jonathan Edwards The Use of Your Time – Steve Lawson 63
You Must Suffer – John Piper 10
Don’t Soften the Reality of Hell – Charles Leiter 5
We Need a Greater Glimpse of Christ – Charles Leiter 1
Are You Proud? God Moment by Moment Upholds You – Charles Leiter 3
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10 New SRT’s Ready for Translation

10 New SRT’s Ready for Translation

Knowing God Both Intimately and Intellectually – Mike Morrow 3 ▼ SRT
Worshiping God the Father – Tim Conway 74 ▼ SRT
Warning Dont Let Conferences Cause You to Despise Your Church – Jesse Barrington 5 ▼ SRT
Prideful Men Will Go to Hell – Tim Conway 6 ▼ SRT
The Unhappy Holy Christian Does Not Exist – Ryan Fullerton 1 ▼ SRT
The Life of Faith is a Life of Dying – Mike Morrow 41 ▼ SRT
What is the Gospel? Are you Saved? – Kevin Williams 12 ▼ SRT
Don’t Stop Going to the Prayer Meeting – Tim Conway 6 ▼ SRT
You’re Either All In for Christ or You’re Not In – Tim Conway 9 ▼ SRT
Christ, The True Vine – Paul Washer 58 ▼ SRT
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Subtitling Guide For Those Without Constant Internet Access

Subtitling Guide For Those Without Constant Internet Access

The following Subtitling Guide provides a step by step process that can be used to transcribe and timecode a video. This method is most helpful for those who don’t have a lot of, or constant Internet bandwidth available to them. For example, the Amara pipeline requires 100% Internet access in order to be used. However, the following guide takes advantage of Media Player Classic and Subtitle Edit on a Windows computer. We are thankful for Michael, a brother in Nigeria, for making this guide.

[Download Guide]

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Translate Q&A: Love & Unity Among Calvinists and Arminians? – Charles Leiter

Translate Q&A: Love & Unity Among Calvinists and Arminians? – Charles Leiter

Love & Unity Among Calvinists and Arminians? – Charles Leiter 5
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Five New Clips for Translation

Five New Clips for Translation


Are You Clothed With Power? – Paul Washer 13mins ▼ SRT
Time is Short Don’t Set Your Hopes on Marriage – Tim Conway 14mins ▼ SRT
Lose Your Life For Christ (2011 Fellowship Conference) 3mins ▼ SRT
Don’t Be Scared of the Word Love – Charles Leiter 1min ▼ SRT
Christ Will Always Be There for Me – Tim Conway 6mins ▼ SRT
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Three New Excerpts for Translation

Three New Excerpts for Translation

Let Go and Let God? – Tim Conway 4 ▼ SRT
Tim Conway Shares About His First Time Preaching 8 ▼ SRT
Be Content: God Designed You With These Spiritual Gifts – Tim Conway 2 ▼ SRT
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