Ten New SRT’s Ready for Translation


The False Cistern of A Choreographed Church Service – Paul Washer 2
Surrendering to Christ is Not Drudgery – Tim Conway 6
What Mindset Promotes Unity in the Local Church – Mack Tomlinson 4
Glory in Christs Work on The Cross – Mike Morrow 6
Gaze Upon Christ Not the Law – Tim Conway 10
The Law of Christ Freedom From The Law – Part 2 – Charles Leiter 64
Jonathan Edwards The Use of Your Time – Steve Lawson 63
You Must Suffer – John Piper 10
Don’t Soften the Reality of Hell – Charles Leiter 5
We Need a Greater Glimpse of Christ – Charles Leiter 1
Are You Proud? God Moment by Moment Upholds You – Charles Leiter 3