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Setting up to Proof a Translation in Subtitle Edit

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Most times when proofing a video the translator will have a file with the original text and translated text, one under each other. However sometimes this is not the case. So then the question is: How do I take a translated file, that no longer has the original in it, and proof it? I’m having a hard time scrubbing back and forth on YouTube to try to hear what the speaker said. — In this 3 minute tutorial I will explain how to load in the Video + Original Text + Translated Text, into Subtitle Edit in order to more easily proof the video.

(If you are having a hard time seeing the video, then please click on the fullscreen button in the bottom right. You also may want to up the quality to higher, in order to prevent blurriness on the screen.)

Here are the written steps from the video below:

1. File – Open – English SRT
2. ToolsMake new empty translation from current subtitle.
3. Open up the translated SRT and Ctrl+A to select all and Ctrl+C to copy.
4. Go back to Subtitle Edit and Click on Source View and Ctrl + A to select all the blank timecodes and Ctrl+V to paste in the text.
5. Go back to List View and you will see it has both the original and the translated text.
6. If you don’t see the Video area then click Ctrl + Q to unhide it.
7. Now Load in the video you downloaded from the Translate area, Video – Open Video
8. In the video preview do you want to view the original or translated text? You can modify this by going to Edit — Show original text in audio/video previews.


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