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Nine New SRT’s Ready for Translation

Below you will find 9 new English subtitle files that are ready for translation.

Encouragement to Those Starting a Church – Tim Conway 4mins  SRT  
Biblical Tests of True Faith – Paul Washer 65mins ▼ SRT  
Is Jesus Christ the Emphasis of Your Christianity – Paul Washer 6mins ▼ SRT  MP4
How to Interact With Lost Family Members – Charles Leiter 3mins ▼ SRT  
When Calvinism Goes Bad (Part 3) – Tim Conway 62mins ▼ SRT  
Don’t Justify Yourself While Walking in Darkness – Tim Conway 63mins ▼ SRT  
Doctrine Divides – Tim Conway 7mins ▼ SRT  MP4
Christian, Love Your Lost Family – Paul Washer 6mins ▼ SRT  MP4

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