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About the I’ll Be Honest Translation Project

The Internet is a tool that has given us the incredible opportunity to widely spread the Biblical message of Jesus Christ’s substitutionary death for sinners. This site is here to provide resources for translators to translate videos from our ministry’s web site into their own language for the spread of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Years ago many people from around the world started downloading videos and translating them on their own. However, typing the transcript and syncing the subtitles to the video can be a time consuming process. On this site we provide ready to translate time coded English transcripts that the translator can easily start translating. We also will distribute the content through the official I’ll Be Honest language web site that corresponds with the translated language. Our desire is for the Gospel to go forth for the salvation of the lost and edification of the believer.

Below you will find the two jobs that it takes for us to get a sermon from English into another language. If you are an English only speaker and willing to help type transcripts and time code then the first option is for you.  However, if you are proficient in English and another language and desire to help translate, then the second option is the one for you.

Transcript & Time Code

Type the English transcript and sync to the video.
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Translate sermons from English into another language.
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