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Update: 60 Videos Have Subtitles Ready for Translation

Update: 60 Videos Have Subtitles Ready for Translation

December 20, 2017 9:29 pmComments are Disabled

Due to the efforts of those transcribing, we now have the following 60 videos ready for translation.

To view the official spreadsheet go here, to submit a work in progress ticket go here.

How to View the Flaws of the Reformers – Phil Johnson 9mins ▼ SRT
How to Respond When Misjudged and Reviled – Phil Johnson 4
Look at Your Day Through a Gospel Lens – Don Currin 6
Anxiety is a Waste of Time – Mack Tomlinson 2
The Essential Need for Bible Meditation – Jesse B. 61
Lord Teach Us to Pray – Philip N. 8
Satan’s Plan to Distract the Christian – Don Currin 5
Do Not Just Listen but Meditate – Jesse B. 1
The Holy Spirit Will Make You Holy – Tim Conway 1
God’s Way is Perfect – Mason Vann 24
Five Common Responses of Those Whom God Uses – Charles Leiter 23
I Threw Myself on Jesus’s Mercy and Nothing Happened – APT 34
Believer, What Happens When you Sin? – Mike Morrow 2
Parents, Train Your Children at Home – Tim Conway 4
Christ the True Vine – Jesse B. 41
Always Trusting in the Lord – Nathan Rages 21
The Barrenness of Busyness – Don Currin 50
Overview of Biblical Eldership: All Elders are Pastors – Tim Conway 76
The Beauty of the Gospel – Jesse B. 5
Meditation is More Than Bible Reading – Jesse B. 4
Contentment is Found in Christ Alone – Jesse B. 42
Content? Or Everything OK If ____? – Jesse B. 4
Surrendering to His Love – Tim Conway 55
Useful to the Lord in Winning Souls – Bob Jennings 6
Man’s Fundamental Need is Peace – Tim Conway 51
Personal Discipleship: Spiritually Intentional Relationships – Chuck Vuolo 46
Uzziah’s Pride: From Famous King to Excluded Leper – James Jennings 56
Should a Church Leader Confess Gross Sin? – Tim Conway 22
What Does It Mean to be a Saint? – Tim Conway 7
Is There a Cultural Key to Evangelism – John Dees 5
If You’re Single God Has Not Forgotten You – Tim Conway 10
If You Could Live Again What Would You Change? – Bob & Tim 13
The Motivating Power of Christ’s Love – Tim Conway 48
I’m Lost and I Have Little Time to live – APT 27
Manly Emotions (Part 1) – Emotions: Their Origination, Disruption and Restoration 41
Manly Emotions (Part 2) – The Emotional Life of Jesus: An Overview 58
Manly Emotions (Part 3) – The Compassion and Sorrow of Jesus 40
Manly Emotions (Part 4) – The Anger and Joy of Jesus 56
What is Experiential Christianity 11
Eight Keys to Boldness in Evangelism – Chuck Vuolo 52
Encouraging Conversation at the Church Meetings 4
From Fear to Faith in the Face of Christ – Mack Tomlinson 45
Amazing Access to the Father – Tim Conway 47
The Two Thieves at the Cross – Jesse Barrington 57
Gospel Driven Assurance – Don Currin 40
The Christian Pilgrimage – Mack Tomlinson 46
The Good Shepherd – Nate Pickowicz 32
Seated With Christ in The Heavenly Places Part 3 – Tim Conway 66
What Are Appropriate Acts of Worship – Ask Pastor Tim 17
How Can We Be Joyful When Our Loved Ones Are Lost – Ask Pastor Tim 11
Our Marriage to Christ is Most Important – Tim Conway 14
Christ Breaks Down Every Ethnic Barrier – Tim Conway 67
Should Christians Exercise and Workout – Ask Pastor Tim 24
Prayerfully Pursuing Gods Gracious Power and Loving Presence – Ryan Fullerton 52
What Have You Done Lord (Song) – Bob Jennings 7
How Do You Kill Sin – Jesse, Nate, Don, Mack 14
What Does It Mean to Seek Christ? – APT 20
The Remedy for Weariness in the Christian Life (Part 1) – Tim Conway 61
Church Membership is Not a Numbers Game – Tim Conway 3
Secure in the Love of God – Charles Leiter 3

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